Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football 4 Days of the Week: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Ever since the Steelers won the Super Bowl back on February 1, I've been waiting for football season to return. Football is the #1 reminder of why I'm glad to be out of school: you can watch football, literally, ALL weekend with no regret about procrastinating on homework. But when you finally do watch football ALL weekend, you might be disappointed to find yourself becoming a little... bored.

What is it they say? Everything in moderation!

Well, I don't mean to be a total pooper. Thursday's Steelers game was awesome!

I'm sad about Polamalu's injury but this catch was truly amazing.

And we had the great pleaure of going to the first Gophers home game of the season at their brand spanking new stadium. The Gophers won. Barely. But thank goodness. Otherwise, it would bring terrible karma to the new stadium.

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