Thursday, November 12, 2009

How is it already mid-November?!

I'm woefully far behind in my blogging, and since no one's been banging down my door to beg for more, I'll just provide an update. (The alternative being post-dating all my past blog-worthy musings. Ugh, back log.)

  • The holidays have started! We kicked it off, unknowingly, at a comedy show at the Brave New Workshop. I thought we were seeing improv when, in fact, it was the previews for their Christmas Spectacular, Brett Favre: The Immaculate Interception show. Even though they made jokes about the audience attending a Christmas show the week after Halloween, it was seriously funny and made me want to dust off the Christmas records. Johnny Mathis, anyone?

  • Weather-wise, November has been better than October! Adam and I first visited Minneapolis a year ago this weekend (crazy, right?) and I remember it being a bitter 20 degrees. And, no, I don't think it "felt like" 20--there is a thermometer in the car.

  • The movie An Education is a must-see. Much more than a coming of age piece set in 1960s England, the movie was sensational. The acting, in particular, was terrific. I won't say more except that I highly recommend it!

  • We are driving to Pittsburgh in less than two weeks... turkey, here I come! Adam and I agree: it's our favorite holiday. The 30 hour round trip drive should be plenty of time to write new blog posts.

  • I'm going to Atlanta for Christmas and DC for New Year's. SO. EXCITED.

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