Monday, January 26, 2009

First Day at PBK

This is going to be a boring post. Everything went smoothly. Despite any ambitions to take the bus, it was 0 degrees outside this morning, and I didn't want to risk getting lost on the bus then traveling by foot. So, I arrived at the mall, which is pretty upscale (duh, Pottery Barn clientele), but I had never seen such a narrow assortment of stores. It was a housewife's dream mall: every store sold either home furnishings, jewelry or baby clothes. The good/bad news is I won't be doing much personal shopping on my lunch breaks.

Everyone I work with is really nice and friendly (oh Minnesota!). I felt very at ease and everyone was eager to make me feel welcome. But it wasn't exciting like my old job in Atlanta, where we had such a high volume of customers. The entire time I was there today, it was so slow. Kind of boring. Kind of like why people don't enjoy working retail... Anyway, I have hopes for better future shifts when it isn't Monday morning.

As I left PBK this afternoon tallying (4 hours x $9) - taxes= a case of beer, I remembered how desperately I need to keep pressing on to find a "real" job. Later today, I received a phone call from an organization I'd submitted a job query to that does all kinds of community outreach. Asking if I was interested in interviewing for an unpaid internship, I just shook my head. Whhhyyyyy?

Nope. No more self-pity. My job search begins again in earnest. Tomorrow.

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