Friday, January 23, 2009

A Paycheck Is A Paycheck

I have a job! But, no, I will not be changing the title of this blog. Until I have a full time job where I'm earning a salary and benefits, I will not be modifying my title. Instead, I have a part-time job at Pottery Barn Kids in Edina, MN. I worked at PBK in Atlanta, GA in between China and my move to Minneapolis, and as retail goes, I actually enjoyed the experience. My co-workers were friendly, my supervisors were supportive, and I got the exciting opportunity to work in the company's first PB Teen store.

Now, I view my time in retail as temporary, but I really think you couldn't find a better company to work for than the Williams Sonoma family. My manager in Atlanta made a phone call to the folks in MN and gave me such a wonderful, glowing recommendation, the manager in Edina wants to bring me on board without so much as an interview. Needless to say, hearing that praise felt really, really good.

So, I start on Monday, and I feel a small weight lifted from my shoulders because at least I have something. I don't know which will be more rewarding, the small (but not insignificant) pay or a reason to leave the apartment... From unemployed to underemployed. Alright!!!

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