Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pity Party Continues... oops!

I just returned home from a "job fair" at a restaurant that advertised an open house on Craigslist for server positions. I told myself So what if I've never been a waitress? I at least have some restaurant experience. And I'm an intelligent, hard worker so I'm confident I'd be a good server and am prepared to convey that in an interview.

Too bad there were 100 other people who also applied. I arrived near the tail end of things (my mistake: not being the early bird to catch the stupid worm), and I was the last person to receive an application because they ran out (!). Even as I filled out the application, I realized what a dismal prospect I had of getting a call back. Taking a glance around at the others with their applications, I had to wonder how many were listing each previous job as "restaurant 1, restaurant 2, and restaurant 3."

On the walk home, the temp agency I'd sent my resume to called to inform me I don't have the consistent office experience their clients are looking for in employees. Can't a girl get a break? Oh, well. On to the next!

P.S. It's some small consolation that at least I don't have an impending company layoff keeping me awake at night. But I wish all those people could keep their jobs so I don't have any additional competition!

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