Friday, March 6, 2009

The Good and Bad of Minnesota

While this could be a long itemized list, I have two offerings for a simple juxtaposition.

The Good:
New to my sidebar on the right side of the page is The Current widget. Thanks to Justin Koester, Adam and I were turned on to The Current soon after we'd arrived in Mpls. It's a member-supported, commercial-free national public radio station... but for young hipsters! I thought NPR was only for my dad with Car Talk, Prairie Home Companion, and classical music, but I also get contemporary, alternative music for bohemian types! Who would have thunk? This radio station is the best thing to happen to me in Minnesota. The first money I spent when I was hired for my new job was my contributing member donation, so that I could get the cool tote bag gift. I STRONGLY recommend you check out The Current by streaming it on your computer.

The Bad:

Body encased in ice found on Ham Lake golf course

Only a face was visible in the ice. Authorities are investigating.

Is that some headline or what? In case this link to the article in the Star Tribune isn't permanent, I'll summarize by saying they think the severed head and its body (still encased in ice) have been there since NOVEMBER. Sends chills up my spine. (Pun intended!)

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