Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the Job: First Impressions

The beauty of starting a job on a Friday is that you are there for one day and then voilà the weekend! All in all, everything went smoothly. I have my own desk space, and I had time to organize my computer the way I like it (though it's not a Mac, so I don't like it... those anti-Vista commercials are making more sense to me now). Everyone who works there, only 9 people including me, is very friendly. To welcome me, they ordered pizza and even let me choose the toppings for one! They regularly eat lunch together, which is nice to know because I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

I also learned more details about the job, the expectations for me, and what my role will be within the growing, expanding, ever-changing company. I wouldn't say it was overwhelming: I'm sort of accustomed to being thrown into the deep end with "on the job training." The relaxed pace of my training will be a nice departure from that, and my supervisor is great, so I know I can tell her when I'm antsy and ready for more responsibility.

For now, I'm enjoying the weekend and basking in the novelty of having a job and a forthcoming paycheck before that wears off and there's just the grind.

Ok, so there was one bad thing: the commute. It's a breeze on the way there for my 10-6 shift, but the trip home was in heavy traffic. I'll just have to get used to MN traffic patterns and the drivers' habits. In Atlanta, everyone is constantly changing lanes to the point where you're often better off staying put because as soon as you move, your lane stops and the one you left starts moving. In Minneapolis, the opposite is true. Being an aggressive driver will serve me well here. Or maybe Adam will agree to move to St. Paul! Ha... doubtful.

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