Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Read If: you want to know more about my job and/or wish to be bored

I agree that I'm short on material now that I've joined the workforce. Justin Koester was kind enough to redesign my blog title to have a humorous touch, and I think it looks great. But it's true: I'm employed... zzZZZ!

Having a full-time job will put a damper on the blogging, which was a huge help in keeping me creatively stimulated throughout the job search process. And I must say the blog was also a great forum for support from all of you. You deserve an update; I hope you'll be happy for me. So far, I really like my job. Training is going well, my co-workers honestly couldn't be friendlier, I show up at 10, and I wear jeans to work! I mean, I can't say enough about how lucky I feel!

However, now that I'm working, I feel inclined to protect the integrity of the company I work for, since, you never really know who's reading. What I can tell you is I work for a software development company in Saint Paul that is a forerunner in EMS training and test preparation. Following a recent move to set national standards for EMS, many schools are looking to my company to help them make sure their students will pass the certification exam. My role is to provide support to customers over the phone and through email. While that might sound dull to some of you, I think it's cool to interact with and help people. Plus, since it's a super small company, I've already gotten an idea of where else I can take on more responsibility and further develop my skills.

Snooze, snooze, I know! I know! I'll brainstorm about how to rejuvenate the blog!

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