Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boo Northwest Airlines!!!!

Today's the kind of day where you feel like nothing goes your way. I don't know how many guys can relate to this, but girls, you know the feeling where you're on the cusp of crying all day and you almost wish you'd stub your toe or something just to finally burst out in tears? Maybe blame it on PMS? Ugh. Today, that is me.

So even though I should just be quietly taking deep breaths, I want to make a bit of a public service announcement to hopefully save someone else the trouble I currently find myself facing.

Scenario: I'm going on a business trip in August to a big conference in Orlando. I was also invited to go on vacation with Adam's family that same week, so I am splitting my time between Hilton Head and Orlando. My company had already booked my roundtrip airfare from Minneapolis to Orlando when I got the green light to take my vacation, so I planned to go directly from Hilton Head to Orlando rather than return to Minneapolis for my original flight to Orlando.

Here is the problem: If I skip my first flight from Minneapolis to Orlando, Northwest will cancel my return flight from Orlando back home. To "cancel" would mean owing them at least $250 in fees! I know I'm upset, but is this not outrageous?? They want to charge me a fee to change my flight, a fee to reprocess my ticket, and the difference to pay for whatever a one-way ticket costs. All that for me to not! even! fly! with them!!! Wow, writing this, I am still angry.

What you should learn from my mistakes: Don't plan on skipping a flight if you also plan to catch your return flight. The thought didn't even cross my mind, and now I will pay dearly for my assumptions.

Please send happy thoughts.

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