Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Tour of New York

The last weekend in July, Adam and I took a much-needed trip to the East Coast. We reunited with friends and family and (forgive me, but) it felt so good.

It's no secret that I'm post-dating this blog post, so I'll just give you the highlights. The food highlights:

Friday, Manhattan
Katz's deli for bagels, shmear and lox
Chinatown for bubble tea
Midtown for people watching at gourmet deli where sandwiches cost $12
Pinkberry for yogurt under 200 calories
One of Ray's Original Pizzerias for a slice
Shabbos dinner with Pearl & Meyer, Adam's gparents

Saturday, The Hamptons
breakfast: bagels, fresh OJ
lunch: crabcakes, fresh guacamole, clams, shrimp
dinner: surf & turf on the beach, s'mores at the beach campfire

Sunday, The Hamptons & Manhattan
breakfast: bagels, fresh OJ
lunch: more crabcakes, more fresh guacamole, more shrimp, and the best french toast EV-ER [I've decided french toast not made from challah bread is a waste of time.]
dinner: CAN WE CONSUME ANYMORE? yes, sushi. New Yorkers are the reason the tuna supply is dwindling.

P.S. It took a week for my normal eating and digestive routine to return, lending credence to the theory that your stomach does, in fact, expand.

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