Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Day of Freedom

In honor of my last free day before starting my job, there's a SNOWSTORM!!! On my walk home from the hair salon (I look fab-u-lous!) it really started coming down. But even in Minnesota, snow is a real unifier that brings people together. I'm not exaggerating when I say every single person I passed on the street said hello and some variation of "Are you ready for 8 inches?" or "Be careful! It's slippery!" Was it ever?! I nearly wiped out at least once a block.

So, I got a professional new hairstyle to help me embark on my first day tomorrow. I'm also spending an enormous amount of mental energy deciding what outfit to wear. First impressions should not be discounted! So, here's the dilemma (my male readers will roll their eyes while my female readers will hopefully be sympathetic): I start on a Friday. Already, during my interviews I noticed it's an informal work environment so it's basically casual Friday everyday. But I can't wear jeans to my first day of work, right?? In the long run, though, I consider myself lucky. If I'd gotten a corporate job like Adam, I'd have to spend a good chunk of my paychecks buying tailored suits. At this place, I'll be able to wear just about everything in my closet!

As pretty as the snow is, it's gonna cramp my style. There's little to do except stay warm and dry indoors. I had been hoping to attend another young Jewish professionals happy hour because, hello! now I can finally join the club! Instead, I'm going to be lazy, watch HGTV, and cook a hearty soup.

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