Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up

So, with the exception of life-changing events, here's the rundown on what's been happening in the LoR (Life of Rachael):
  • I went to my first dome baseball game at the Minneapolis Metrodome. The Twins won, but I felt no connection to them in the cavernous indoor stadium. From the cheap seats, I could only see through intense squinting, so I just relaxed, sipped my $6 beer and talked my way through the game. The Twins are getting a new outdoor stadium spring 2010, and I can see why everyone's excited. Since I now pay taxes in MN, I feel like I can have an opinion on the decision to NOT build a retractable roof. Where else will baseball games be canceled because of snow?
  • I quit my job at PBK. They finally came a'callin' and I had no choice but to agree to resign. It was peaceful, and I left as a "rehireable," but it was still somewhat sad to instantly regret all the things I did not buy with my discount.
  • This is a four-day week for me as I am officially jetsetting to Tucson this weekend. Abby, my gracious host, has planned a busy two days for me that include an early morning desert hike. Although it will be a shock to my system to be in 90 degree heat, I fully intend to spend as much time outdoors as possible. POOL, here I come.
  • The end of this week also marks a full 2 months at FISDAP. The job is going well, and everyday I am grateful to be wearing jeans and showing up to work at 10 AM. Occasionally, we drink beer at work. Don't worry there are rules: no beer til after 3 and once they've had more than one, the programmers can no longer program.
  • Minneapolis has experienced some teaser spring weather. The trees appear to have blossomed, but I'm not convinced yet that the "blossoms" aren't just pollen globs. I'm told it won't be til June when you can expect consistently warm days. May 1 is within the scope of the 10 day forecast, and the projected temp is 57. But sunny! Kill me. Thank goodness I'll be in Tucson.
  • Adam's family is coming to visit the following weekend. I'm excited to have visitors for whom we can show off our new city. This feeling of anticipation reminds me of when they came to visit us in Beijing, and it completely turned around my attitude for the better. Yay!
  • What else? I heard wind of coupons for $3 Punch pizza (an ah-may-zing deal), so of course we tried it. I think I like it better than LucĂ©. I know you've been waiting for that update.
  • Plans to go to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota over Memorial Day weekend. I've been warned it's pretty underwhelming, so with low expectations, I think I'm all set. Should still be a fun road trip and solid camping. The boys want to rock climb for real outdoors. I'm thinking a nature walk sounds more my speed.
  • Lastly, I'm beginning to like hockey. The penguins are in the playoffs, and of course I've now adopted every Pittsburgh team. I think it's a combination of living with a diehard fan and being in hockey country that's done me in.
I already have my next blog post topic churning in my head, so I hope to avoid another month-long round up. Cheers!

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