Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What To Do About Swine Flu?

Originally posted as a note on the FISDAP Facebook page.

What To Do About Swine Flu?
May 1 is Friday, but here in Minnesota, summer and hot weather couldn’t feel farther away. By extension, tropical Mexico feels really, really far away. And yet the swine flu, which has killed 20 people in Mexico and is the suspected cause of 150 more deaths, feels threateningly close. Fears of an international pandemic are being sensationalized by the media, along with op-eds that cry out “don’t panic!”

As a community of paramedics, how do we respond to concerns that this flu virus is becoming increasingly widespread and doesn’t spare the young and healthy? I don’t have a professional medical opinion about this—I still come from a perspective of the general public. How do I protect myself? When do I start to worry about my own health?

To stay calm, I educate myself. I’ve read that the CDC and WHO are working tirelessly to learn as much as they can about this particular virus strain. I’ve also read that while there have been a handful of cases reported in the US, no one has died and the first people infected are already beginning to recover. While we can’t contain Minnesota, I put trust in the fact that even in a worst case scenario situation, if I get sick, I can be treated.

And then I don’t worry about that sneeze—it must be allergies.

For a comic approach to swine flu precautions, I recommend this Washington Post humor piece.

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