Thursday, August 27, 2009

Am I a changed woman?

So it's been a whirlwind of a week. I've experienced every cliche in the book. Yes, I still look at my ring and smile. Yes, I move my hand ever so slightly to let the diamond sparkle as it catches the light. And, yes, my hand gestures have gotten more emphatic to ensure others take notice.

Just kidding. No I'm not. I wish I were.

It doesn't end there. Whenever I say the word "our," it's now with a newfound delight at the promise of our shared future. It's suddenly permissible to discuss once taboo subjects, such as which neighborhood we may want to someday buy our first home. As for our kids' names, this is still taboo, since Adam doesn't like the one name I suggested. (Jonah.)

Wedding plans will gradually come along. I--dare I admit this--registered online with the knot, ( a social networking site for bride-to-be's. I haven't mined the site yet for wedding planning secrets or tips for how to choose a gown (oh yeah! I get to buy a dress!!) but I am looking forward to writing Adam's and my meet cute story. No shock there to anyone who reads this blog. Cough. Online diary.

One thing we haven't adjusted to is the word fiancé. It's one thing to write it, but so far it's been weird to refer to him as "my fiancé" aloud. Adam just despises anything French, so he's recommended this alternative: freedom friend. Hmm... If everyone knew its meaning, I would refer to Adam as "my bashert." Bashert is a Yiddish word that means destiny, as in he is my soulmate, we were meant to be.

That's all the engagement updates I got for now. Thank you for your support and well wishes--hearing from all our friends in all corners of our lives has been the greatest blessing of our engagement so far!

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