Monday, August 31, 2009

At last, the Minnesota State Fair

I'll start with the disappointments: the two foods I wanted to find eluded me. Fried pickles, also known as frickles, and the innovative (non-fried) caprese salad on a stick. Secondly, I somehow missed the agriculture area where the oversize, gargantuan produce was on display. The fair was huge and overwhelming, so I'll go next year with a smarter game plan.

But here's what made it all worthwhile: the Miracle of Life birthing barn where, if you're lucky, you can witness the birth of baby animals. 3 day old piglets were the cutest. Why we don't have them all as pets is beyond me. Next came the tub of legendary Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. And $1 all you can drink fresh milk. Divine.

The grease from the fried food made me nauseous but I still couldn't resist a fried cheese curd or two.

Lastly, the Ye Olde Mill fair ride. It's a log flume ride that is literally 93 years old. It's no Disney World Splash Mountain. You are seriously in pitch black darkness 80% of the 2 1/2 minute ride. I quickly surmised it wasn't about the thrill of the ride but an opportunity for young couples to share a first kiss at the state fair. Appropriately, Adam groped me. ( HA! Totally kidding!)

Groping on the Ye Olde Mill

fried cheese curds

pronto pups- the famous non-corndog corndog that's a "banquet on a stick"


Australian fried potatoes

4 hour old baby calf. aka veal.

crowds. if it were up to me, strollers would be banned at this event.

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