Friday, August 7, 2009

Bye Justin!

Our friend Justin from GW is departing tomorrow to move back to DC. Having grown up here, he's been our Minneapolis ambassador, and he's introduced us to our adoptive family, who have thankfully made sure we're never without somewhere to go on a Jewish holiday.

We'll miss him. As happy as I am for Justin, who finally got a job after months of deadend temping here, I'm sad to see him go. Partly I'm sad to see Adam's and my third wheel social network crumble, but I'm also sad to admit I'm jealous because he's getting to return to DC.

Adam and I have this joke that, for Hanukkah '09, I'm going to make a t-shirt for him with a picture of his goofy smiling face surrounded by dogs and the words "Bitches love me" beneath. In return, I've asked for a twist on that classic I ♥NY t-shirt. Instead, I want mine to say:
I ♥
more than
I ♥

It's no secret I'm infatuated with New York (see below) but it's all a joke. The real truth is my heart belongs to DC. I know life in DC has changed post-college, and I can't confuse college nostalgia with longing for life in DC. But if I'm honest with myself, the jealousy that tightens in my heart when I think of friends in DC makes me discontent with Minneapolis... an unsettling feeling.

Bottom line is we signed a 12-month lease here in Minneapolis on July 1, and who knows what the future holds. DC? San Diego? Austin? Albuquerque? (Notice what comes to mind are all warm places!) Best of luck to you, though, Justin!

So, I loved Paris Je T'aime... Come on! What Francophile romantic didn't??? And now we have New York, I Love You to look forward to. I think I just wet myself.

P.S. "Francophile romantic." Is that redundant?

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