Monday, April 19, 2010

And then there were two

I'm blog savvy enough to know that if I include too many proper nouns here, I risk inadvertently offending people who crawl the Internet for mention of their businesses. So, for the sake of relative anonymity, I'll say this: we have limited our venue choices to these final two options.

The mansion

and the library >>

How do we choose?

We make a pros/cons list, of course... want a glimpse?

in our Minneapolis neighborhood
open catering/open alcohol
the whole house to ourselves
close to the synagogue
little to no decorations needed

no true outdoor space for guests
small-ish ballroom - we'd have to remove tables after dinner for dance floor

beautiful, one of a kind memorable space
grand room, big enough for dinner & dance
open catering
courtyard area available for cocktail hour
little to no decoration needed

located in St. Paul, logistical issue for out of town guests
no true kitchen prep for caterers
$$ for exclusive alcohol service
limited restrooms

Enough with the lists, though. They're both wonderful venues and yet different enough that pitting them against each other doesn't help me to arrive at a decision. Knowing that whichever one we choose will be fantastic, Adam has told me that I get to have the final word. I think I have to go with my gut... and the winner is...

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