Friday, April 23, 2010

back to square 1?

Not quite... I don't mean to sound so desolate. After all this time focusing on the perfect venue for the reception, I let the ceremony planning fall by the wayside. Finally, as we prepare to negotiate a contract to book a venue tomorrow--I realize it's time to call the synagogue I've just assumed will be available. Only to find out, what? Sure enough, our date has already been reserved.


That's me deflating.

My heart tells me this is not the end. I'm disappointed, yes, but we've come too far to cancel our reception plans. Something else will work out. Either the date will open up or we'll find somewhere new.

There's even a chance now that Adam's initial wish for an outdoor garden wedding can come to reality. I'll develop an ulcer by the big day fretting about rain. But maybe it's a cause for small celebration because the occasion will be more fitting for the chiffon, summery bridal gowns I adore so much... OY GEVALT.

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