Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dare I Start Anew?

Fans, I made a huge mistake by not blogging about the chronicles of searching for a wedding venue. My initial plan was to focus on Adam and I and not open up our ideas to everyone's opinions. As if people would exercise the poor etiquette of inquiring at our wedding, "why didn't you choose that venue with the xx instead?"

Adam proposed 7 months ago, and I have missed 7 months of prime wedding-planning blogging material. We have seen countless (10+) venues in person, and I've researched hundreds online. Without a blog to document the pros/cons of each venue, how can I provide advice to others? I would have liked to read that blog 7 months ago.


We are effectively having a "destination wedding" here in Minnesota, and as such, I am feeling pressure to select a venue that showcases Minneapolis and sets the tone for our festivities. In keeping with my other life decisions, my course has been a journey of figuring out what I don't want. But what do I want? Sophisticated yet youthful, whimsical yet relaxed, romantic yet fun, and oh yeah- minimal decorations. NOTHING frou frou. Heaven forbid I have to pay $6/chair covering. NO hotels- too impersonal. NOTHING outside the city, but some outdoor space would be nice. And the list goes on. Are you exhausted yet? I am.

So, ever-patient fiancee, agreed for our parents to come visit earlier this month to provide support and give us a gentle push toward making a final decision. We had a lovely weekend, and I was grateful for all their advice. Only once they left, did the anxiety attack hit. I'd been putting things on hold as if their approval would somehow lead us to that "aha!" moment, but what if the perfect venue isn't out there?

Well, let me just say I didn't dust off this ole blog for nothing. I for one (yooohooo Adam?) am ready to put down some hard-earned cash on a rental deposit to ta-da SET THE DATE. Until it's offish, you'll have to wait for more details...

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