Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you there SUMMER, it's me Rachael?

Ok, Ok, I know I'm letting weather take over my life (and blog) but it's mid-May, and I want to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt damnit. So when I can't, I become grumpy. But, here in Minnesota, summer is just around the corner. I finally feel it!

Today was a complete summer-like success. The sun is shining, and the streets of Uptown are crowded with people happy to be outside on a Sunday afternoon. We toured the Walker Sculpture Gardens and joked about joining the high schoolers in taking prom pictures, but alas, no one had a camera.

Later, I took my new bike to the repair shop--I bought pink handle bar tape and a cushioned woman's seat, so I'm already on my way to girl-ifying my wheels. And once my brakes work, I'll be riding my way to hipster heaven.

After, we wandered over to the park so Adam could play basketball. On the way, we heard live music, and out of curiosity, we followed the sound to check it out. Lo and behold, we discovered a street festival! I couldn't believe it! It was magical--as if someone planted it there just for me to find on this beautiful afternoon so that I could be happy about life. Draft beer, children with balloon hats, puppies, and tattoos... that sums up this Minneapolis street festival. And it was glorious.

Kredentials, the local Minneapolis band, was pretty good too. Hip hop for all! Check out their MySpace page.

Now, I leave you to go grill hamburgers and hotdogs outside, bliss.

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