Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cabin Fever Pt. 2 and Congratulations, Adam!

For a second consecutive weekend, Adam and I were lucky to be invited to stay at a friend's cabin! This time, the cabin was a 2 hour drive to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and also on a lake. It's been really wonderful to drive outside of Minneapolis and see a bit more of the agriculture scenery the Midwest is so famous for. Our friend Grant has a boat at his cabin, so we happily spent all morning boating around the lake and, unbeknown to us as the time, getting ridiculously sunburned! Besides that, it was the perfect day-- blue skies, bald eagles, college friends and cold beer. Could be the lyrics to a country song!

Adam's sunburn was particularly unfortunate because the half-marathon he's been training for was this morning. The trooper that I am, I too woke up at 5:45 to support him. While I'd considered just joining him at the finish line, I thought it might be exciting to watch the race start to finish. Not to mention, it was a beautiful morning for me to see more of downtown Minneapolis up close.

Watching the runners, I've never felt simultaneously so inspired and yet so profoundly lazy. Last minute, I contemplated running the 5K but decided this was Adam's race. Now that I've seen what it's like, I'm more motivated (and less intimidated) to commit to signing up for a 5K and training to get a good time.

Adam finished 13 miles in 1:51:48! That's my Doodle!

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