Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dhani Tackles the Globe

Sometimes I like to pretend that I watch less TV than I actually do. But you know what? I enjoy watching TV. Though I can honestly say that I consciously do not plan my nights around certain TV programs. If I miss a show, my life will not end. That is, until I met Dhani.

Dhani Tackles the Globe is a show on the Travel Channel that follows Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones as he travels to a different country each week and devotes 7 days to learning and training for a local, often indigenous, sport. Switzerland? Schwingen. Basque region of Spain? Jai alai. Thailand? Muay thai. In addition to testing whether his football athleticism translates into his being universally fit for any sport, he experiences the local culture as only a loveable, massive, 6 foot black man could. And without fail, some portion of the show follows him into a shop where he gets outfitted in local dress, and then he prances around flirting with girls.

So good. I love it. And, dudes, Adam loves it too. You must watch this show.

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