Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cabin Fever

Here in Minnesota, summer is officially kickstarted by Memorial Day weekend. Adam and I were originally planning on driving 8+ hours to South Dakota's Black Hills to camp and check out Mt. Rushmore. Bad weather and roadtrip partners dropping out stalled our plans, so we were fortunate to receive an invitation to go to our friend Sarah's cabin.

To understand a bit about cabin culture, I recommend this June's foreward written by the Minnesota Monthly's editor.

So, as I have come to understand it countless city people retreat to their lakeside cabins each weekend during the summer. Which sounds nice, but here's what I don't get... some of these cabins are far away. Like as far as Wisconsin! That's a long way to go EACH. WEEKEND. And then there's the fact that many people go to their cabins to "rough it": no heat, limited plumbing. Hmm... It would be totally nice to have a vacation home, don't get me wrong, but Minneapolis is so great now that it's finally summer! Why leave? It's the state of 10,000 lakes after all. The closest one is six blocks away!

Well, so I have all these preconceptions, but the reality is Adam and I loved every second of our trip to Sarah's cabin. The drive was long, yet scenic. Lest I forget I'm pretty new to the Midwest--everything is an adventure! We were welcome guests, we ate well, we did outdoorsy things, and-most importantly-we relaxed. Ahh, cabin life. If only I could stay up all summer!

Sarah, if you're reading this, I'd love to post the hammock picture HERE>

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