Monday, February 9, 2009

February Thaw

When I last parked Adam's car, it was on the curb. Now it's a foot away. Why is that? Above freezing temperatures! Hurray! Only, I wish I could say that tiptoeing puddles with icy slush was less treacherous than slipping on hard packed snow, but it's not.

So, in this period of relative heat wave, how do I keep myself entertained? By still staying indoors of course. Here is my daily routine:

Wake up late: After being awake from 6:20-7:15 when Adam is getting ready for work, I fall back hard asleep. I'm convinced I get my deepest REM sleep after that early morning disruption.

Next: Do nothing. For hours. I peruse all the job sites to see what's new. Alter my cover letters and apply accordingly. I try not to watch TV but I'll admit to following Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. (Episodes air at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time.) I do try to read, but sometimes it's just too quiet. When I consider going to a coffee house to read, I remember that I will have to buy a cup of coffee and why do that when I have coffee at home?

Later: Decide that I can't have Adam come home at 5:30 and see me still in my pajamas. I lazily go to the gym, work out, and then feel better. Re-energized and enthused to come back home to sit on the couch and hope a potential employer has sent me an email.

Inbox: empty.

Post-shower: I cook dinner. Assuming all the housewifely duties since I am not currently contributing to rent, I take pride in keeping the apartment tidy and trying to expand my cooking repertoire beyond stirfry.

OK! ENOUGH! Are you as bored from reading this as I am with my day??? Someone please hire me!

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