Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I got the job! I got the job! I got the job! (It's this job.) Considering the company received over 150 applications, I should feel pretty proud to have been offered the position. And, to my credit, I've been in Minneapolis for 7 weeks during a period of recession and layoffs and still managed to get a decent paying job at a company I'll enjoy working for... can't ask for much more than that! I realize I'm tooting my own horn, but it should be nice and refreshing for you after sludging through all my self-pity.

To the few of you who are devoted readers wondering if I'll continue writing, the answer is yes! I may have to change my theme, but this blogging thing is addictive.

So how do I celebrate at 10:23 on a Tuesday morning???


  1. congrats!! That is so exciting! I can understand your excitement, well, hopefully I will in the near future. I'm ready to get out of this "internship" and into a REAL job!

  2. Thanks Sloane. Good luck to you... I'm sure it'll be your turn soon!