Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have two--yes, two--interviews! On Friday, I'm meeting with the Intern--yes, intern--Coordinator to interview for an unpaid internship. If you'd asked me last fall my opinion on college graduates performing unpaid internships, I'd have told you they should be categorized under slave labor. Now, however, I am using spin to re-label unpaid internships that are of interest to me... it's volunteering. The internship is at a literary center in Minneapolis that hosts a smorgasbord of events, readings, and workshops. Honestly, sounds fun: it's only a small time commitment, and who knows which esteemed authors I could meet! Think of me on Friday morning and send me good juju vibes.

Next Monday (astonishing realization: people in the corporate world don't observe President's Day?!) I'll be interviewing to be an administrative assistant at a law firm. I found the job on Craigslist, and the job description was vague, but I think that clerical tasks at a law firm have the potential to be more thoughtful than at, say, a dentist's office.

Wish me luck!

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