Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Happens Next?

Without groveling, how do I appropriately convey to the women who interviewed me that I'm dying to work for them? Today I went to my interview at a small software development firm that specializes in EMS training/testing for a Customer Service Rep position. More than any job prospect yet, this seems not only the most promising but the most interesting, and it's a REAL salaried job. Because the company is small, my role would actually encompass a number of different jobs such as marketing, copywriting, event planning, and bookkeeping, which would allow me to develop a variety of skills and have a diverse workday. To me, that is the ideal work environment because you get to wear many hats and take initiative to be creative in managing your time and responsibilities.

At the interview, I got along great with the two young women I met (both former English majors!) to the point where I was completely at ease and there were even tangential moments in our conversation that felt like chit-chat. Minneapolis winters are surprisingly sunny despite the cold, and yes, I totally agree that I prefer this to gray and gloomy East Coast winters. Needless to say, I feel confident they liked me-- I just hope they also believe my skills and experience match what they're looking for.

So, I suppose this post is bittersweet. I'm broadcasting my desperation to be offered this job, but it could be a pleasant blog entry for posterity if it works out. Or, I will continue to be a waste of life unemployed and flinch when I re-read this. :-/

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