Friday, February 20, 2009

If I Were a Trustfund Baby

With all this free time but no cash to play with, I've often daydreamed about how I'd go around squandering all my money. I have some ideas...

-Instead of once every 8 months, I'd definitely get a haircut every 4 weeks so that I could finally experiment with trendy, high-maintenance hairstyles. Bangs!
-I'd donate big bucks to art museums and be invited to exhibit premiere meet-and-greets. Champagne and light jazz in the afternoon!
-Shopping, obviously. (I don't even know if I'd enjoy the assortment at Neiman Marcus?)
-I would hire a personal trainer to coach me in pilates. My first choice would be the nicely mean woman who teaches cardio kick at the Y on Sundays and Tuesdays.
-Of course, I would have other rich/unemployed friends and we'd drink cocktails in posh hotel lounges.
-We'd live in a loft downtown, and I'd have frequent meetings with my interior decorator to discuss new acquisitions for our blend of shabby-chic-meets-modern decor.
-I'd be a regular patron of the theater.
-At the encouragement of my gallery-owner friends, I'd dabble in photography.
-Is it unreasonable to get weekly massages if you're not stressed?
-I would travel to exotic locations one week out of the month. It's probably warm in Greece right now.
-Eating at expensive restaurants with chef luminaries would be a must.

Recession? What recession?

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