Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When Boredom Strikes

25 Things You Know About Me Now If You Didn’t Already

I know this note belongs on Facebook, but I just can’t bring myself to submit to the collective public cry for attention trend. It’s so self-indulgent and yet I flatter myself to think that I could compile a really kick ass list. Plus, if I did post it on Facebook, I wouldn’t tag 25 friends (because I don’t know 25 people who would care). Instead, I would find as many “friends” on Facebook that I either don’t know or am only randomly acquainted with after meeting once--and tag them.

Also, for a pretty clever parody of this Facebook phenomenon, read this Washington Post humor piece.

1. I have a birthmark on my leg in the shape of Africa. Or is it South America? Someone once suggested Australia. It’s the greatest life-long poll ever.

2. I share a birthday with Howie D. from the Backstreet Boys. In 6th grade, I pretended I didn’t have a crush on the band to be different, but of course I secretly did like them.

3. Last year, I drunkenly crowned myself Funniest Person of 2008 and have been known to challenge strangers in bars to dance-offs. My signature move is performing the Marcarena in double time.

4. Alcohol really disagrees with me. I’ve been hospitalized three times for two incidents. That was enough for me to decide once and for all to quit imbibing liquor.

5. I feel my most mysterious when I’m riding public transportation. Especially subways. And definitely if I’m wearing a smart outfit.

6. My favorite books are the ones I wish I had the talent to write.

7. My life will be incomplete if I never, at some point, can call New York City home.

8. I love country music in the summertime. It makes me homesick for a slice of Americana I’ve never known.

9. Although I played violin for seven years, I never once was able to memorize a piece of music. If I picked up the instrument today, I doubt I could play a scale.

10. After my Bat Mitzvah, I experienced a brief desire to become a rabbi.

11. Now that I’m confident I have emerged from it, I recognize that my “awkward stage” lasted from age 11 to 18. I blame braces and everyone I know who never introduced me to tweezers.

12. I have recurring nightmares that burglars are trying to get into my house and I can’t lock all the doors in time.

13. My first real concert was Mariah Carey’s Rainbow tour.

14. My obsession with home buying and home makeover TV shows should obviously be telling me I am destined for a career in real estate and yet I’m lukewarm about the idea.

15. I am passionate about Impressionist Art and believe it can be attributed to the children’s book Linnea in Monet’s Garden.

16. I never learned to skate. I’d like to now, but when I try, I am paralyzed by my fear of falling.

17. I can proudly claim that by age 21, I had been to two Olympics. (Atlanta 1996; Beijing 2008)

18. Thanks in part to Paideia’s short term, I’ve begun to learn six different languages (Hebrew, French, Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin). I’m neither fluent nor proficient in any of them.

19. My mom swears she didn’t know any other Rach(a)els when she named me. I know at least two other girls with the name Rachel Elizabeth.

20. My boyfriend Adam and I first met at a party the second or third weekend of freshman year (September 2004). It was lust at first sight.

21. My least favorite household chore is doing laundry because there are so many steps involved over a prolonged period of time.

22. Because there are a couple careers I’d like to have, my only clear life goal is to be an awesome mom some day.

23. Those dream careers include: working for a book publisher, writing for a magazine, teaching English at a private high school, and being responsible for educational programming at an art museum.

24. I’m terrible at picking up the phone to call long-distance friends and keep in touch. But I do miss them.

25. One of my two front teeth is fake and can’t be seen under black light.

P.S./26. I'm embarrassed I wrote this but after taking the time to type it all up, I couldn't not post it.

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